Eyeglass Repair at the Cheapest Price

Most People aren’t looking to overspend, prompting the question What’s the Cheapest Resource for Eyeglass Repair?

In working towards having some of the most competitive rates in the industry, EyeHowse has spent hours of External Benchmarking to be sure we offer the best rates on Eyeglass Repair. Most companies begin repairs around $39 and can range upwards of $99 for Repairs.

After mock orders and countless phone calls, EyeHowse is confident that we offer the best Price for Eyeglass Repair & Maintenance Services. Our Services start at just $15, with Free Return Shipping, and max out at $60 to Repair broken Zyl Frames.

Our work is also backed by a Quality Guarantee, if your Glasses can’t be fixed without compromising the integrity of the Frame, we will be honest with you before accepting any payments—unlike many of our competitors who will take a payment just to “try,” knowing that the repair won’t hold.