Even though there are some common repairs, every repair is unique to its given element, which includes the material, engineering and cause. Below are the warranties and policies as well as turn around time. If there are any questions not listed below feel free to contact our office during our normal business hours for assistance at help(at)eyehowse.com 


EyeHowse does not assume responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation or processing. However, EyeHowse does take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of all eyewear during processing and transportation from its facility. In the event of an accident, EyeHowse will assist and do everything in its power to attain a quick and fair resolution. 

Turn Around Time: 

Orders usually take one to five business days for us to receive packages. EyeHowse works on all orders within 24 to 48 hours of receiving approval and payment. Some orders may take a few days longer if Special Order parts are required. Customer will be notified of any backorders and given a timeframe of an expected completion date. Considering shipping, labor and communication, please expect anywhere from three to ten business days as an estimated time of delivery. 


EyeHowse offers a 1 Year Guarantee on our Work, at no charge, on any part(s) that we have worked on, and a 30 Day Guarantee on repairs to broken frames. We will notify you with any exceptions. However, warranties do not include misuse or abuse

Prescription Lenses: 

At such time as offered, EyeHowse offers a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on lenses we make. In the event that there is an error on our behalf, return your eyewear within 30 days for a complete and expedited correction at no charge. We also honor mistakes made on a prescription by the prescribing doctor. Simply return your eyewear with a new adjusted prescription within 30 days for a free Dr. re-do. All Dr. redos must be the same pair of glasses made by EyeHowse with the prescription lenses in question still in tact; no substitutes frames, no missing lenses, no exceptions. Only one complimentary Dr. redo is offered per pair purchased. Click Here for our Returns and Exchange page. 

Anti Reflective Coatings: 

At such time as offered, all of our Anti-Reflective Coatings have a one year warranty to cracking, crazing, light scratches, chipping or peeling. In the event of a defective coating within the warranty measure, simply return your eyewear and the coating will be removed and re-applied at no charge. This is a one time use warranty process. Click Here for our Returns and Exchange page. 

Exchanges and Returns on Parts: 

EyeHowse offers a 30 Day Return Period on parts orders. Once we have received the items back in perfect condition (at EyeHowse discretion) we will credit, mail out correct product or issue refund. 

If the customer cannot wait the duration of the process of an exchange, another viable option would be to purchase the product again and a refund will be issued upon receiving the returned item(s) back in perfect condition to be determined by EyeHowse.  

Items Not Claimed: 

EyeHowse has an initial three contact attempt process, EyeHowse will try and contact all orders via email and telephone using the information provided on our order forms. We will make every attempt to contact the Item owners. EyeHowse reserves the right to send back any order at any time to the address provided by the customer on our order form. EyeHowse is not responsible for Items that are not claimed after 30 days. 

Mail-In Orders: 

There is no obligation when sending in an order to EyeHowse. Shipping options will be provided both ways and all available options with exact pricing will be disclosed prior to payment. If EyeHowse cannot come up with a viable solution or the customer declines service, EyeHowse will return the customers property to the address provided on the order form by the customer free of charge (Only applicable for orders within U.S.A.). EyeHowse reserves the right to select the shipping method unless customer provides and pays for their own method. 

Canceled Orders: 

Accessories and Products: 

There are no cancellation fees prior to shipping process on accessories and products purchased. Once an order has been shipped a 20% restocking fee may apply. 

Repairs and Modifications: 

Once repair and modification orders are processed and completed the order(s) are considered final and come with a one year warranty on all parts worked on, unless otherwise addressed.