Can I Glue My Glasses?

A lot of People ask… “Can I glue my glasses back together?” We put a Man on the Moon, of course you can glue your Glasses back together!

Here at EyeHowse, we ourselves even repair Broken Zyl Frames with an adhesive material that within such we are firmly confident will salvage the life of the Glasses. The great part as well is, usually there’s usually not a visible point of breakage if done correctly. One of the main things you’re going to want to do is avoid being liberal with the glue, excess glues will make the repair obvious. Also be sure not t0 allow glue to run into the Bevel.

Lastly, we say “Glue,” but it should be clear that we’re talking about something a little more high-end than what you’re commonly using to assist your first-grader in their School Art Project. Go to a Hardware Store, and fight something a few tiers above superglue. After gluing the Frame back together, wait 10-15 minutes before resetting the lenses (if you had to remove them).

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