Cleaning Tips

Do you remember receiving a small cloth with each purchase of a pair of Glasses? These cloths, which I’m sure is obvious to everyone, are for cleaning your Glasses. The reality is, carrying around a reusable cloth actually leaves your lenses vulnerable to scratches and damages.


It’s important to frequently clean your glasses. It can help prevent the build-up of sweat and other debris, prolong the life of the Nasal Pads, and prevents the frame materials from deteriorating over time. However, things like reusable cleaning cloths and Windex aren’t a better alternative to just using the end of your Shirt.


With how frequently you want to properly clean your Glasses (Weekly-Monthly), it’s worth it to invest in specialty cleaning clothes such as Kim Wipes, which are designed to carry no debris and are meant for one-time use. Any simple Eyeglass Cleaning Spray should suffice, as it lacks the chemicals that could strip the coatings over time such as a standard household cleaning spray would have.


If the dirt and grime build-up can’t be addressed in this manner, consider our Deep Cleaning Service, where we’ll fully disassemble your Eyeglasses and place them in an Ultrasonic Cleaner. Additionally, the EyeHowse Special will include a Deep Cleaning, but also includes a 4-Point Alignment, as well as Nasal Pad & Screw Replacement.


With these tips & services, your Eyeglass Frames will outlive the life of the Prescription Lenses.