64% of Americans wear Corrective Lenses, and far too often are they neglecting Eyewear Maintenance & Eyeglass Care. These Maintenances can be as simple as tightening the Screws, to something more complex like a 4-Point Alignment. After months of being taken on and off and exposure to variations in temperatures, the most common thing you’ll notice are your Eyeglasses beginning to “Bow.”

Hold your glasses in front of you and inspect them from the top. Are you noticing the Temple Arms bowing out to the sides, with the arms no longer being parallel? That’s one of the issues our 4-Point Alignment fixes! Do the Temple Arms flop around loosely? We take care of that as a complimentary addition to All of our Services!

Eyeglass Repair isn’t just about broken frames, it’s also about maintaining the instruments we use to live our daily Lives.