Loose Arms
One of the things we like to do here at EyeHowse when returning a pair of glasses back to a customer, is fix the temple screws so the arms fit snug again. This small gesture of simple Eyeglass Care seems to really put a smile on People's faces, but if I were being honest, it's something anybody with the right tools can do!
Household Cleaners
Depending on the type of Lenes you have (Polarized; Anti-Reflective; Anti-Fog; Blue Light/ Ultraviolet.) your lenses likely have multiple coatings. Using products such as Windex or other various Household Cleaners will strip the coatings off the lenses, rendering them useless. 
Scratched Lenses
A lot of People believe they've discovered a life-hack when it comes to removing scratches from lenses. To do so there are various products you can purchase, however some resort to using toothpaste or completely Break Bad by mixing hydrogen peroxide with various household elements.
Online Eyeglass Repair
Want to avoid the high prices of New Glasses & Eyeglass Repair Shops? We've made Online Eyeglass Repair easy, and EyeHowse has the lowest Rates in the industry. 
Can I Glue My Glasses?
"Can I glue my broken glasses back together?" Are you kidding? We put a Man on the Moon, of course you can glue your Glasses back together! Let's walk through the process.
Cleaning Tips
Things like reusable cleaning cloths and Windex aren't a better alternative to just using the end of your Shirt. Here are some Do's & Don'ts of Cleaning your Glasses. Eyeglass Cleaning Tips, with EyeHowse,
Eyeglass Frames Outlast Prescriptions
What lasts longer-- the Eyeglass Prescription or the Frames themselves?
Eyeglass Repair Professionals
Just throw your glasses into a small box you have sitting around, print and attach the Shipping Label provided to you, and put it in the Mailbox. We'll return your glasses too you within 24 hours of receiving them. It's like having the help of Eyeglass Repair Professionals from the Comfort of Your Own Home
64% of Americans wear Corrective Lenses, and far too often are they neglecting Eyewear Maintenance & Eyeglass Care. Eyeglass Repair isn't just about broken frames, it's also about maintaining the instruments we use to live our daily Lives.
EyeHowse Special
The EyeHowse Special is a signature Service, but what does that include?
Eyewear vs Eyeglass Repair
The annual projections for the Eyewear industry are over $141bln/yr. Our Services start at just 4.27% of the cost of new Glasses. You can expect to spend $351 on average for a new pair of Glasses, or visit EyeHowse for Eyeglass Repair starting as low as $15.
Eyeglass Repair at the Cheapest Price
Most People aren't looking to overspend, prompting the question What’s the Cheapest Resource for Eyeglass Repair?
According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 150 million Americans use glasses or contacts to compensate for vision problems and spend more than $15 billion each year on corrective Eyewear. Much of which is coming out of Pocket, and it’s a number that could […]
Eyeglass Repair, Routine Maintenance, 4-Point Alignment, Pop-out Lens, Screw Replacement
Eyeglass Repair can be a burden especially when your Optometrist is steering you towards purchasing a new pair of Glasses. What if you could get your Eyeglasses Repaired without leaving the comfort of your Home?
You don't need to spend what you're paying at the Optometrist every time your Kid breaks their Glasses.
That's what we mean when we say "Our Vision is Your Vision, and Your Vision is Our Vision!"
In 2021, Americans spent about $45.83 billion on eyewear, which marked a 24.3% increase over the year before, according to the Vision Council of America. 64% of Americans wear Eyeglasses, which comes out to around 213.9 Million People when compared to the current US Population This […]
When seeking the perspective of someone who worked in an optometry Office, they reported that of the Returning Customers with who had Complains, that nearly 20% were reporting breakages. That means that 1 in 5 Customers were dealing with Lab & Manufacturing Errors, the most common […]
What’s the Cost of Repairing Glasses vs New Glasses? Quick Math. The average cost of Eyeglass Frames is $238. Basic lenses will tack on an additional $113. This means that for an average pair of glasses, it will cost you around $351 without insurance. Our Repair […]
In digging through countless articles and Warranty Policies regarding eyeglass repair, we’ve come across alarming indicators that you, the Customer, could be provided with Frequent Opportunities to be taken advantage of in what should be the inexpensive world of eyeglass repair.
Anoying, isn't it. Look down and your glasses slide. Prop them on top of your head and your glasses slide. Sigh. It's likely time for an alignment. We can fix that.
I decided I wanted to continue to help repair glasses frames and make even more of a difference in the world. Here's how and how you can help others too.