When seeking the perspective of someone who worked in an optometry Office, they reported that of the Returning Customers with who had Complains, that nearly 20% were reporting breakages. That means that 1 in 5 Customers were dealing with Lab & Manufacturing Errors, the most common of these being a Lens that routinely falls out.

So the Lens fell out.. Unfortunately, like Car Insurance Companies, Optometry Offices are quick to “total your Car” for what any reasonable individual would recognize as Minor Body Damage. Indeed- we’ve actually seen Offices tell Clients they need a completely new pair of Glasses because a Lens popped out, this wouldn’t even be as extreme as buying a new Car because your Air Filter needed to be Replaced, because there’s no replacements needed.

Pop-out Lenses can be caused by a number of things, such as the Lens being cut too small, or pressure being added to just the right part of the Frame. We don’t recommend trying to pop the lens back in yourself– it could result in chipping the outer edges of the lens. Select “Pop-out Lens” from our Menu in the EyeHowse Shop, we will examine your Glasses to see if the Frame needs to be manipulated and find the underlying cause for the Lens coming out. Then, we’ll fix the problem to make sure it doesn’t occur in the Future and Ship them back to you.