Eyeglass Repair, Routine Maintenance, 4-Point Alignment, Pop-out Lens, Screw Replacement

Eyeglass Repair can be a burden especially when your Optometrist is steering you towards purchasing a new pair of Glasses. What if you could get your Eyeglasses Repaired without leaving the comfort of your Home? This was a process EyeHowse spent most of its Founding Days trying to accomplish.

When you order a Service from EyeHowse, you’re immediately Emailed a Shipping Label. All you have to do, is Recycle a small box you likely acquired through an Amazon Purchase or by other means. Place the Glasses in the Box, and Tape it shut. After that, print out the Shipping label and attach it to the Box and drop it in your Mailbox, and raise the Flag.

Let’s say your Glasses are slipping off your face, or they sit sideways—even a slight bend to the Frames can cause Eyestrain as you gaze through the bottom or side of the lens. Our 4-Point Alignment will realign your Glasses at the Bridge & Temples to make sure your Glasses are fitting right. Did your Frame crack or break? That can be fixed with our Broken Zyl Frames Service. We even offer routine Maintenance from Ultrasonic Cleanings to Screw Replacements & Nasal Pad Replacements. With our EyeHowse Special, You can get a 4-Point Alignment, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Nasal & Screw Replacement, for just $45.

Just Box it, Print it, & Ship it—and in no time, your Glasses will be returned to you in the condition they were in when you first Purchased them!