According to Statistica & The Vision Council, 25% of Children will need Glasses by the Age of 5. Furthermore, it’s stated that Children will Destroy 2 Pairs of Glasses per Year, damages which Vision Insurance Companies will not cover. The Average Cost of Eyeglasses from a Brick & Mortar Retailer ranges between $343-$351 (depending on the Source).

This means that the Average Child’s Lifestyle of ‘Play Hard, Fall Harder’ could cost Families upwards of $702 per year, with some kids breaking more than 2 pairs, that cost could be even higher. Over a 15 Year Period, the Average Family of 4 will spend $30,870 on Eyeglasses.

“But are these the Costs associated with Families who don’t have Vision Insurance?” Not necessarily. In thumbing through thousands of testimonies of People who felt like they overspend on Eyewear, some would say their Average Cost ‘after’ Vision insurance would be around $400, while others would mention Price tags upwards of $1200. This means that per year, a Family with 2 Children, wearing Glasses marked up far beyond their value, could spend $4,800 a Year on Eyeglasses for their Children.

The solution to this problem is a Service that most Brick & Mortar Retailers and Optometrists claim to provide, but realistically try to steer you away from—Eyeglass Repair.

Here at EyeHowse, we’ve heard about every simple repair under the Sun being diagnosed as “Damaged Beyond Repair,” which further fuels the $146.9 Billion Dollar Global Eyewear Market. EyeHowse’s Services start at 4.27% the Cost of New Eyeglasses. We’ve salvaged every type of breakage including manufacturer errors that were swept under the Rug.

Don’t overspend on Eyewear, EyeHowse Eyeglass Repair can help.