In digging through countless articles and Warranty Policies regarding eyeglass repair, we’ve come across alarming indicators that you, the Customer, could be provided with Frequent Opportunities to be taken advantage of in what should be the inexpensive world of eyeglass repair.

One Company was offering their clients a $75 Warranty on eyeglass repair, while other Optometry Offices were telling their clients that they would need to purchase a new pair of Glasses if the Lens popped out of the Frame.

Even LensCrafters (Owned by Luxottica) will insist on its $39.99 Warranty, but sneaks in Co-pays of up to $50 for their so-called “Unlimited Repairs” for 12 Months. Did you read the Terms & Conditions? Let’s be honest, nobody does—unless you’re EyeHowse. How often are Glasses Damaged during a time of War? LensCrafters Warranty has a list of exceptions, including Damages due to War, Hostilities, Civil Commotion, etc.

We feel this lacks compassion for the Brave Men and Women defending our Country. At EyeHowse, we won’t just Repair your Broken Glasses for a fraction of the Cost of getting new Glasses—we also donate a hefty portion of our Profits to Military & Veteran causes, and provide discounts for our Servicemen & Servicewomen (Genders 3-56 included). Whatever your Chromosomes, we’ve got you covered.

Could these just be scams & additional fees being paraded as Repair Warranties? Let EyeHowse fix your Glasses, so you can get back to seeing why Taxation is Theft (as well as these Warranties).